Add a very special touch to your wedding day commitment by writing your own vows!

Writing unique wedding vows is a wonderful way to personalize your beach wedding, or ANY wedding actually.

It is a great foundation for a marriage in expressing your love and affection to each other, and the memories of saying your unique wedding vows to each other will be with you for years.

Although you and your fiance have expressed the desire to write your own unique wedding vows, it is a courageous task.
Putting your feelings on paper is sometimes ambitious enough, but reading them in front of your family and friends on a day when you’ll most likely be nervous-can be intimidating and downright scary.

However, writing wedding vows doesn’t have to scare you away from diving in and doing it…and the payoff will bless you for years to come.

Are you looking for ideas on how to give a great, yet personal, speech at your reception or ceremony too?

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Where do you begin?

•First you need to get the okay from your wedding officiant. Some will object to personalized expressions during the ceremony, however, more often it’s allowed.
•Agree with your fiancé ahead of time upon estimated lengths. It is best if your vows take about the same time to say.
•Bring a quick reference guide.
Although you should plan on memorizing them, it’s always a good idea to have a small card with your vows written on it. You’ll have more peace of mind if there’s a back up plan should you get stage fright.

Okay, now what do you say in 5 minutes or less?

First, Decide upon your unique style and tone, and aim to write in the overall tone and mood you want to convey.

Do you want to have some humor or be completely serious and even mushy?

Think about what your personality is and what would sound natural for you and your genuine feelings, in other words…KEEP IT REAL and uniquely your own voice.

Remember your history together.

What are some details of how you met or what special qualities led you together? Any hardships you’ve overcome together or special milestones you’ve both experienced that led you to your wedding day?

Future dreams?

What are some experiences you look forward to doing together? How do you see your marriage in the years to come and conquering any challenges ahead?

What are the special qualities and characteristics in your fiance that you couldn’t live without?

What does he/she do to bring out the best in you? Reasons you fell in love?

When you two are apart, what are some things you miss?

Though they may be insignificant to you, those little things are powerful and describe the uniqueness of your love. (read my personal note below for some of my own ideas).

Why are you marrying your fiance? What are your dreams for your life together?

What are your dreams or expectations and describe ways you will serve and help create that type of marriage you’re envisioning.

Compiling your list.

After composing your lists and answers to these questions and thoughts, begin forming sentences and writing wedding vows that you’ll feel comfortable saying in front of your guests.

Look up words in the dictionary or thesaurus if you get stuck, like commitment, love, cherish etc…

You’ll be so thrilled to have these personal words of love and commitment to view on video years from now, it is worth a little sweat in writing wedding vows now.