at Paradise Beach Weddings your officiate is a REAL minister…not someone ordained off the internet!

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life as a couple. Here at Paradise Beach Wedding you can know that your minister really cares about your wedding and your marriage. There are lots of wedding companies in our area that have opened beach wedding buisnesses that just go online somewhere and print off a certificate.
Your beach wedding will be performed by Rev. Robert Bullock. Robert is an ordained Baptist minister. He serves at a local church and is really a minister.
So if that is important to you on your special day then we would recommend not calling the other companies that you see on the internet. Now that being said there are some other good companies out there but there are alot more that are not. Call us first! If we can’t perform your wedding on the date you pick for some reason then we will recommend a good company for you.