Why Should I Choose A Beach Wedding In Gulf Shores AL? Why Should I Use Paradise Beach Weddings Inc.?

Let us first start off by telling you thank you! You are planning a beach wedding in Gulf Shores and you found us. We perform beach weddings for couples from all over the country. Alabama has become a much sought after location for beach weddings.
So Why should you choose a beach wedding in Gulf Shores rather than your hometown? Well to begin with, beach weddings are cost effective. Beach Weddings cost much less than most other wedding venues. Also they are fun and beautiful! Destination beach weddings are affordable and elegant! (if you choose the right wedding planning company) Gulf Shores has also been listed in “Southern Living Magazine”! Gulf Shores is a great family vacation destination or romantic getaway. Also beach weddings in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach are easy to plan. All you have to do is give Amy a call with Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. and she will take care of all the details for you.
Another reason that you may opt to have a beach wedding in Alabama is that you will be avoiding a lot of possible family issues! Yes, that’s right. Have you thought about how many of your family members will be trying to “run the show” so to speak? They may want you do have your wedding the way they did or  have all kinds of suggestions for you. Though they may mean well, sometimes this can get really frustrating to a bride. If you have your beach wedding in Gulf Shores you will not have to worry about all of that stress. Best of all, the whole family will be on a vacation together and it will be an adventure that everyone will love.
Beach Weddings are also hassle free! Yes! Hassle Free! You will not have to worry about anything but showing up.  We will take care of all of your worries for you. That is our job. We will make sure that you do not have to worry about any detail of your wedding. Paradise Beach Weddings will take all the work, stress, and hassle away from you, your family, and friends. Most of our brides and grooms and their families come in town for about a week. They enjoy all the things that the Gulf Coast has to offer, like great dining, nightlife, family activities, laying out on our beaches, swimming, and most of all relaxing!

Why should you choose Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. to plan your beach wedding? Short answer. Experience. We have the experience to make sure that everything on your special day goes as planned. We provide you with minister, photographer, beautiful wedding service packages, and a  prime location for your Gulf Shores beach wedding. We perform beach weddings 7 days a week all along the Alabama Gulf Coast. We have been planning beach weddings for 10 years now. Paradise Beach Weddings Inc.  was one of the first companies in our area doing beach weddings. We are a small family owned beach wedding planning company. Robert and Amy Bullock are the owners/operators of Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. Robert is an ordained Christian Minister. He has served in ministry here on the Gulf Coast for the last 12 years. He will more than likely be your officiate for your ceremony. He will make you feel relaxed and at ease. He has officiated hundreds of beach weddings. Amy is the wedding planner. She will be who you talk to when you call. Amy is also a professional photographer. All of the images on our website are some of her work. She takes pride in making your day a day to remember for the rest of your life. So give us a call. We will make your Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Wedding a dream come true!


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