Why Are Beach Weddings In Gulf Shores And Orange Beach Alabama So Popular?

You might be wondering why are beach weddings in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach so popular? Well, to begin with, our sand is the whitest and softest in this part of the country. We hear it all the time. Our water is pretty and clean. There is also so much to do while you are in town. We are a very family friendly locale. We have water parks, great dining, deep sea fishing, dolphin cruises, dinner cruises, great shopping, and did we mention our great beaches?
Beach weddings in Gulf Shores are incredibly romantic and intimate. If you go with a beach wedding company like ours then beach weddings are incredibly affordable as well. Robert and Amy Bullock have been doing beach weddings on the Gulf Coast for a decade. A dream wedding on the coast of beautiful Alabama does not have to leave you broke and stressed out. Let Paradise Beach Weddings take care of all the details of your destination beach wedding.
You found our site because you bypassed all the paid advertised websites that are right ahead of ours. These companies usually have to pay just so you can see their website. That means a lot of times (not always) they have not been in the wedding business very long. It means that they saw a reputable beach wedding company on the beach one day and decided that they wanted to give wedding planning a whirl for a while. That is not us! We are here for the long run. We will be the company that on your 10 year anniversary you can call  for a vow renewal ceremony.  We use real ordained ministers only for our beach wedding ceremonies. Christian Ministers that really care about your wedding, but more about your marriage. Marriage is a very special union between a Man and a Woman that God ordained since the very beginning of time with the first man and the first woman. Marriage is more than just a ceremony. Marriage is a covenant that you and your spouse make to each other and to God.
Amy Bullock will make planning your beach wedding an enjoyable experience. She is not going to  hassle you and try to up sale you on every little thing like we hear that so many companies do now days. There will be no surprises on your wedding day when you show up. You will get exactly what you paid for with our services. We look forward to working with you to start planning your special day! Gulf Shores is waiting for you! After you come to Gulf Shores or Orange Beach for your beach wedding you will really understand why it is truly a destination beach wedding paradise!

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