Do you know what could be killing your relationship? HINT: It’s in your pocket or in your hand right now.

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Yes, you guessed it. Your Smart phone could be killing your relationship. The smart phone is a wonderful tool but also can kill the romance in your relationship. Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. wants you to have a great Gulf Shores beach wedding but we also want you to have a great marriage! We’ve all seen it. The person that is constantly checking their phone. It’s fine to do that some time but not when you are with company and especially the company of your spouse! Not only is it killing romance but also tearing families apart. All…

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Marriage Is Rewarding, Fun, and a lot of Work. Communication is key to a lasting Marriage.



My wife and I were wed on June 5, 1999. 18 years ago. All of our married friends are now divorced. It is a sad epidemic. Marriage is supposed to be “death till we part”. Our culture has turned marriage into a contract to be broken. We learn from God’s word that marriage is a covenant. God’s word is the true picture of marriage. So below I have included scriptures about marriage.
I once heard a Pastor stand before his congregation and tell them that He and his wife have never…

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Will you write your own vows for your Gulf Shores Beach Weddings?

Writing your own vows are a great way to really personalize your ceremony for your Gulf Shores beach wedding! You certainly do not have to but some do. You can write them in a little note book and read them to your groom or spouse. It will be something that you will cherish for a lifetime. We can do the traditional vows along with your vows or we could do just your vows or just ours. It is important when you are writing your vows however to have something that you are vowing to do. Sometimes it…

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Marriage Is a Covenant, Not A Contract! Very Important to know the difference. Please share if you agree!

We want your wedding in Gulf Shores to be great, stress free, beautiful, and fun! However we also care for you and your marriage! We want you to have a good understanding of what marriage really is. Our society calls it a contract. I would like for you to think of it as a covenant instead because that is exactly what it is. Below you will find the difference between a contract and a covenant. Please share! 

Pastor Rober Bullock

God established marriage as a covenant, not a contract 

Malachi 2:14

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Here are our Top Reasons to have a Beach Wedding In Gulf Shores Alabama


Top Seven Reasons to Have a Destination Gulf Shores Wedding

Are you dreaming of a beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama? We would love to help you plan your destination wedding! Why a destination beach wedding to Gulf Shores? We are glad you asked! Here are the top 7 reasons!

1. Fancy a barefoot bash over a buttoned-up affair? You’re not alone. The 2016 Mintel U.S. weddings report found that 58 percent of brides want their wedding to be remembered as a fun and casual…

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Reception Ideas for your Gulf Shores Beach Wedding

Receptions are a celebration! What is all the fuss about? According to God’s ordinance of marriage “Two have become One Flesh” 

Mark 10:8 and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh.

A wedding reception should be a great party for family and friends! There are some great options in Gulf Shores for a great reception. The Gulf State Park has some great buildings that can be rented for a reception but you would have to get it catered. We know some…

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You got engaged! What now?

You got engaged! We are so excited for you! Congratulations! I am glad that you have found us. We are Gulf Shores and Orange Beach AL’s premier beach wedding company that has serviced the Gulf Shores area for 14 years and counting! We provide you with everything you need for a perfect beach wedding. If you desire a stress free wedding planning experience for a Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Wedding than it is as easy as calling us! We have great wedding packages that include the Minister, Photographer, Beach Permit, and Southern Hospitality. Let us be your beach…

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Are you dreaming of that perfect destination beach wedding in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama? Are you wanting someone to help you plan a beautiful, memorable, affordable beach wedding package? You are in the right place! We have performed Christian non-denominational beach weddings on the Gulf Coast for more than a decade. We provide service that include but are not limited to Christian Minister to officiate, Professional Photography, Wedding Cordination, and more! Check out our beach wedding packages! We can customize any of our packages to suit your needs. Click here to see some of our recent work.

Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings

Beach Weddings are performed 12 months a year. We would love to help you plan your dream wedding in Alabama today! We have the most friendly and caring staff. Paradise Beach Weddings offers Christian non-denominational beach weddings in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Other surrounding areas as well. We have performed and planned hundreds of beach wedding on our coast. We have the experience and professionalism that you deserve.
Beach Wedding Photography is our specialty. We have the best photographers on the Gulf Coast. Beach Weddings are their passion. Your photos of your Gulf Shores…

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Get Married On The Beach For Only $200! You Can Have That Beach Wedding In Gulf Shores, Or Orange Beach That You Have Been Dreaming Of! Affordable Prices! $200 and Up!

beach wedding deals for gulf shores and orange beach! wedding planning has never been so easy. We provide minister, photograhy, arbors, chairs, decorations, flowers, etc. Call 251-971-1899

Booking now for Summer 2015 beach weddings in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and surrounding beaches. Lets talk today! Beach Wedding planning has never been so easy! We are just a phone call away! Our beach wedding service starts at just $200. Let us plan your beach wedding! We have the dreamy beach wedding that you have been searching for. Look no further. Check out our “package” page to learn more. We also have specials on fall and winter beach weddings for this year!









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