Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where will my Alabama beach wedding take place?
    answer: We have locations that we have used for years. State Park Beaches is where perform most of our beach weddings. Occasionally we will go to a beach house.
  2. How do I obtain my Alabama marraige license?
    answer: You can get your marriage license from any Alabama court house. Most Brides and Grooms will get it on the way into town at the Bay Minitte court house. Your marriage license is good for 30 days from the date it is issued.
  3. Do we have ot meet with the minister in advance for anything?
    answer: No. We will consult with you via email and phone unlimited amount of times. You will meet us face to face on the beach.
  4. How early do we need to be at the wedding location?
    answer: Typically you will need to arrive for your beach wedding about 20 minutes before your wedding is scheduled to begin.
  5. What is the Unity Sand Ceremony?
    answer: God takes your marriage very serious. The sea shells filled with sand represent your individual lives that have become one on your wedding day! You will recieve a keepsake vase filled with beach sand from your wedding location.