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We have affordable and elegant beach wedding packages for Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, and Surrounding Areas. We also do beach weddings in Fairhope. We have a package that is perfect for your budget. We have beach weddings that start at only $200. Call us for free info today! We have plenty of fall dates still available. October and November are great months to get married here on the Gulf Coast. We also have some Summer date available.

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Planning a beach wedding in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach is very easy when you choose to have Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. do all the work for you. We have been doing beach weddings for brides and grooms just like you for more than ten years. Beach weddings in Gulf Shores are very Romantic and elegant when you use the right service. Browse around our website and learn more about us. We have some available dates. Fall is a great time for a beach wedding here on the Gulf Coast. October is a super month for sunset beach weddings. The sunset is awesome in October and November. Our photographer is very professional and will work with you to ensure that your photos are picture perfect. Beware of using other services that claim they give free photos. In small print you will often find that they are unedited. We shoot all of our photos in RAW format so that our professional photographer can edit the photos properly with professional software. Having the photos in RAW format is a must to get professional quality photos. We strive for you to be very happy with your wedding day and your photos. Your photos will be the lasting memory of your wedding that you will look back on for many years. We want them to be so good that they will hang them on your wall. We take pride in our wedding package set-ups as well. Many companies that offer similar looking bamboo set-ups use very short bamboo. A lot of the time your head is even with the top pole on the bamboo because they use such short poles. We special order our bamboo so that your head is not even with your arbor. Our bamboo poles are 10 feet long. We bury 2 feet, so that makes your arbor stand at a perfect 8 feet. This makes a big difference in your photos. We strive to make every detail of your beach wedding perfect. We also care about your marriage. Pastor Robert stays in touch with many of the brides and grooms through the years. He gets the pleasure of doing many of their  5 and 10 years vow renewals.
The bottom line is if you want a beautiful beach wedding package that is affordable and elegant, with great photography, a caring real pastor (not someone ordained off the internet), super nice wedding arbors, and an experienced wedding planner then please give Robert and Amy Bullock a call. We stay very busy for we are a very sought after service in our area. If you call please leave us a message. CALLING IS THE BEST WAY TO GET US! We have very little time this time of year to check all of the email. We get hundreds a day. If you are serious about getting us to start plan your beach wedding please call. We are on the beach working and making dreams come true with our service about 5 days a week. Pastor Robert is also a pastor at a local church. We have availability for your beach wedding in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach so please call us and lets talk!


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Beach Weddings! Gulf Shores! Orange Beach! Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. Is Asking For Your Help. Please Consider Giving So That These People In This Village Will Have Clean Water In Haiti.

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Please follow the link on the sidebar for our gofund me page. Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. would like for you to partner with us to provide clean water to a village in Haiti. Many are dying of cholera everyday. We provide Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Dream weddings but now we want to provide a chance at life for people that cannot help themselves.



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Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Weddings. We have the best photography included in your wedding package price. Check Out these recent weddings that we have had the pleasure to perform. Click Here!

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We have availability. We are ready to speak with you about planning that perfect, affordable, and romantic beach wedding in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach Alabama. We have the most affordable and elegant packages on the coast. Check out our package page. Watch our youtube videos on the sidebar of our page. We want you to experience a Paradise Beach Wedding. Call today. 251-971-1899