This is Dillion and Courtney! They are smart! Be like Dillion and Courtney!


Do you know what the average cost of a wedding in America is? $35,000! Weddings don’t have to be so expensive ya’ll! Your wedding should be stress free for you. You should’t have to put your wedding on a credit card! (or someone else’s) Paradise Beach Weddings Inc. has provided Gulf Shores beach weddings for 14 years! We provide an affordable service for couples just like you! Our wedding packages range from $595 – $1895. Don’t start your marriage off by being in debt for your wedding!

Check out this wonderful couple! This is Dillion and Courtney. They are brand new newly weds! Congratulations! They were wed in Gulf Shores Alabama at the Gulf State Park. Call us to start planning your affordable beach wedding! 

Colors For 2017 Beach Weddings. Coral, Fuchsia, and Navy is our favorite combo. What is yours?

colors for beach weddings

Congratulations on your upcoming beach wedding in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach! Maybe you are undecided on your color scheme? Maybe this will help:

  • Teal + Purple + Green. Good for: Evening waterside weddings. …
  • Silver + Ivory + Beige. Good for: Elegant beach weddings. …
  • Coral + Fuchsia + Navy. Good for: Nautical summer beach weddings. …
  • Sea Glass Blue + Ivory + Green. Good for: Formal or informal beach weddings. …
  • Marigold + Gold + White. …
  • Canary Yellow + Tangerine + Peach.

We want your beach wedding to be taylor fit for you. Please call one of our wedding planners to start planning the perfect Gulf Shores beach wedding.





Southern Charm and Sophistication

gulf shores weddings

Here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach the sunsets seem to be a little longer and the sand is always softer! We strive to be the best we can. Our wedding planners, photographers, and ministers are the nicest, and experienced people in their field. Southern Alabama has more than 35 miles of pristine white beaches. We want to show you why we are the best on the Gulf Coast! Please call us today to start planning with Michelle or Amy.


Something that really needs to be addressed with those of you that are booked already.

beach wedding in gulf shores

A destination wedding is meant to be fun and less stressful than a traditional wedding. However, it is imperative that your wedding starts at the scheduled time. Sometimes our ministers and photographers will  have more than one wedding in a day. A delay can affect your time with your photographer if she has another appointment after you. Our sunset weddings are very popular. If you are late, you jeopardize the best lighting.  A 15 minute delay can be a lot when the sun is setting. Your guests drive along way to come and see you get married, so  do not leave them waiting out on the beach. We realize that most people are from out of town and it is possible to make a wrong turn.  This is why we ask that you and your guests please arrive 30 minutes early.    Here are some things you can do.

  1. Make sure everyone has clear instruction and directions on where the location of the wedding is. 
  2. Stress to your guests that we have to begin on time! 
  3. Do not send someone back to the condo or beach house last minute to pick something up. ( It is not worth getting married in the dark after the sun sets because someone forgot a bouquet or boutineer. ) The traffic at the beach can be very heavy.
  4. Make sure someone who is prone to getting lost rides with someone instead of driving themselves. We had a mother of the groom take a wrong turn recently and ended up being 1 hour away from the venue. Unfortunately we had to start without her because we were running out of light. If Aunt Sally is directionally challenged make sure she rides with someone or follows someone. The Gulf State Park Pavilion Beach is like 5 minutes from just about anywhere in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. It really isn’t that hard to find. 
  5. This one is the most important: Arrive at the time your photographer tells you to arrive! If she tells you to be there 30 minutes prior to the ceremony that is when everyone needs to be there. If you are there after she tells you to be there you are already late.

    We want to make sure your wedding in stress free and fun! We have just seen a few of our wedding getting started late lately and some of it can be avoided. 


gulf shores beach weddings

“Cheap” Is Not Always “Good”

We are a professional service that has provided beach weddings on the Gulf Coast for a very long time. We pride ourselves on doing excellent work. Everything from our bamboo arbors to our sashes on the chairs and of course your photos!. We love making your special day actually special! We price our services affordable, but not cheap. In our experience anything of good quality is not cheap. There are beach wedding companies that come and go every year. Some of them advertise “cheap” weddings. Before you call them, ask yourself this: “When is the last time that “cheap” meant “good”? We are a local family owned company. We have the best employees, photographers, planners, and ministers! Don’t settle for “cheap” for your beach wedding. A wedding is the beginning of a wonderful journey together as husband and wife. You should want that experience to be a good one! Call us to start planning your Alabama Gulf Shores beach wedding today!