Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings and Orange Beach Weddings

Alabama Elopement Wedding Packages

June 22, 2018 Alabama Elopement Wedding Packages You got the ring! Congratulations! Now what? Where are you going to wed? You could get married in your church, but church weddings don't have the... Read More
Gulf Shores Orange Beach Weddings and Orange Beach Weddings

Are You Ready For A Gulf Shores Beach Wedding? Are You Ready For Marriage?

May 22, 2018 Gulf Shores Weddings are Great But We Want You To Have A Great Marriage Too! Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Weddings are our passion. We love being part of such... Read More

Jesus compared us to sheep. Why?

March 16, 2018 The Good Sheppard Jesus, called us sheep! I used to be offended by that. Especially when I found that sheep  are the dumbest animals that probably ever lived. Sheep are... Read More

Marriage on cruise control

March 15, 2018 Marriage on Cruise Control Cruise Control is great in a vehicle on long trips. I like to set it on the interstate and just drive. I don't use it on... Read More

In marriage, it’s the little things that count! Practice Kindness

March 14, 2018 Random Acts of Kindness Try practicing "rak" random acts of kindness. Marriage is about the big things but also the little things. Try giving your spouse a massage, put a... Read More

Billy Graham Dies at 99. A great man of God that fought the good fight! The world will miss you!

February 21, 2018 Billy Graham dead at 99 Billy Graham was such an iconic person in our American culture. But he didn't what that. What he really wanted to do was make Jesus... Read More

Wedding Vows for Your Gulf Shores Orange Beach Wedding!

February 15, 2018 Have you thought about what you would like for your wedding vows? Gulf Shore Orange Beach Weddings are romantic and elegant. A very important part of your special day are... Read More
premarital videos

Pre-Marital Videos

February 14, 2018 Hi Everyone, as we have said before your Gulf Shore Beach Wedding is very important to us but your marriage is more important. We are gonna start posting some short... Read More

God’s Law Of Reciprocity: The way to have a great marriage

February 10, 2018 We take marriage very seriously. We are thrilled that you are using us for your Gulf Shores Beach Wedding and would love for you to read this. Divorce is an... Read More
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Real connection – Pastor Robert

February 2, 2018 We live in a wonderful time. We as humans have accomplished so much with technology. Tech is great! However it is also bad. Today's technology is supposed to bring us... Read More

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