Marriage Advice – Big Decisions

Marriage Advice – Big Decisions

Big Decisions should always be made together. Especially big purchases. The Bible says that husband and wife become one flesh. It is hard to be one flesh if you each are up to your own things without consulting each other. Decisions should always be decided together. Remember you are one, not two. You will save yourselves a lot of problems and grief if you make decisions together. (Side note: Do not have separate bank accounts! This is asking for marital trouble!) Will you always agree? No you will not. But those are times that you have to each compromise. What is best for the two of you, not the one of you! Also see The secret to having the best marriage possible. Also another good read is Love That Last

We really want you to succeed. We are not in the business of repeat customers. We want your marriage to last! That’s why we like weddings so much because it is the beginning of a marriage. Marriage can last! Please read this article from our friends at Focus On The Family – God’s Design For a Divorce Proof Marriage

Pastor Robert Bullock
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big decisions... You are now one, not two
Unity Sand sympolizes Two become One

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