Marriage on cruise control


Marriage on Cruise Control

Cruise Control is great in a vehicle on long trips. I like to set it on the interstate and just drive. I don’t use it on short trips like to the grocery store or the gas station. Marriage is not meant to be a short trip so we start to put it on cruise control. Cruise Control is great for a long drive but terrible for your marriage! Marriage is for the long haul. So many marriages get stuck in cruise control though. What can you do today for your spouse to shake things up a bit? Maybe a foot rub? A massage? Kind words? Bring him a cup of coffee? Buy her some flowers for no reason? It is so easy for marriage to get complacent. Don’t let it happen to you! The good thing is your not stuck. You can turn things around today. God’s word tells us that the enemy wants to steal, kill, and destroy you. Maybe he can’t get your to cheat on your spouse so he tries to ruin your marriage through cruise control. You feel stuck and things never seem to change. Try something today if you feel stuck. Tonight before you go to bed, dust off your Bible and just read it together. Pray together! I challenge you to do this. Even if you think it won’t help. I am sure it will! Take the cruise control off today! Read God’s word, Pray together and for each other, and do something kind for your spouse! You will see immediate results. 

Pastor Robert Bullock
Trinity Baptist Church

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