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Things To Consider When Planning Your Destination Beach Wedding

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Things To Consider When Planning Your Destination Beach Wedding

Things To Consider When Planning Your Destination Beach Wedding because unfortunately there are some wedding companies that simply don’t care and do a poor job. First thing you should consider is how long have they been in business. There are wedding companies that have popped up out of no where around here and they say on their site that they have been in business for “x” amount of years. Some of them are just out right lying to you. Most of the companies around here have only been doing business at best a few years. Experience is a must for a wedding planner. Do they have the experience to handle the details of your destination beach wedding?

Wedding Photography 

Next is photography. This is a big one! Your photos are gonna be lasting memories of your special day! Your wedding photos should be artwork to put on your wall for years to come. Examine their photos very well. Where are they getting these photos? Maybe just using stock photos? Are their photos grainy? Are the colors off? Do they just not look professional? Be careful because you could just end up with snapshots taken by an inexperienced photographer with unprofessional equipment. We have thousands of dollars invested in our equipment and our photographers have shot hundreds of beach weddings. Beach Weddings are tough to shoot because of the harsh light. 

Minister or Officiate ordained off the internet

The next thing to consider is who is going to officiate your wedding? A lot and I would even venture to say most of the wedding planning companies in our area use officiates who have just paid an ordination fee from some website on the internet. If this is what you want then that is not a problem. They will not tell you that though. Ask what their credentials are. Again it’s your special day, your the boss! Do you want a Christian Wedding Ceremony? If not then we are probably not the right fit for you. We only do Christian unions. Our minister is an Ordained Baptist Pastor. Robert Bullock is the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Foley. Not an ordination off of universal church .com by far. Most of the officiates we see doing weddings today seem to just be in it for a quick buck. They get the job done but do they even care about your marriage? Who knows. Robert has officiated almost 2000 weddings in 16 years! He celebrates with you on your wedding day because it is the launch of your marriage! We are Pro-Marriage and Pro-Family! We are praying for you!

Wedding Packages 

Another thing to consider is their wedding packages. We were in a meeting with other wedding planners the other day and one of the planners was bragging that it only takes them 30 minutes to set up! That is very laughable to us! It takes us hours to set up for a beach wedding. We want your beach wedding package to be picture perfect! Our Driftwood arbors and Bamboo arbors are very popular. We also have others on our package page you should check out. 


We know that everyone has a budget. Some can afford more than others and that is fine. But when it comes to your wedding do you really want a $300 dollar wedding that includes photos, minister, and everything? My grandpa used to say ” You get what you pay for” and that is more true than ever in the wedding Industry. Our prices are affordable but they are not cheap. We don’t do cheap weddings. Cheap weddings is what your get from someone ordained off the internet and a camera that they just bought at Wal-Mart! Cheap weddings are abundant if that’s what you want. We know that our packages are nice and that they are affordable. You can take your time paying off your wedding. That’s right we finance with no interest! Just book your wedding with your deposit and pay the rest as you can. We only ask that the balance is paid in full two weeks prior to your event.

For what we do we know that we have no competition. Many other businesses in our area have copied our ideas and even copy and pasted right off our website! I guess that is a compliment. We are the best at what we do. We are confident in that! Don’t get us wrong there are some great wedding planners out their too. If you feel that we are not the right fit for you we would be glad to recommend another planner that we trust. Don’t hesitate to ask! But if you want a Christian ceremony officiated by a real minister, Professional Photos, Our 16 Years of experience in the wedding industry, great wedding packages that are affordable, and Southern Hospitality then we are the right planner for you! We are now booking for 2019 and beyond. Let us be your Destination beach wedding provider in Alabama!

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